I consider MJ to be my ideal man because he has achieved a high position through his hard work, he is very inspiring, I am proud of him. There is so much to learn from him. I think everything from his childhood to his success is inspiring. And then today is his birthday so I always consider this a very lucky day for me 👍

Unfortunately MJ is not with us today, which is a very bad thing for me, but because of the deeds he has done, he is still alive in all of us today and he will stay there. And he will always be my first and last ideal man. Whenever I get inspired by him I think he’s here. Because in a way, his positive thoughts teach me a lot to live life. His hard work never taught me to give up.

And thats why He is the only person who inspires me a lot and He will always be my role model and My angle Michelle Jackson will be always live in my hearts 💝🎁 You are God Gift for world . And me . I love you so much MJ my angle :)🎂Happy Birthday King Of POP

One blog is not enough to express him. These were just my feelings expressed in his memory☺️ which I expressed to him today as a gift on his Birthday🎂

Happy Birthday King Of Pop 🎂


Published by Sweetu Rocks

I love music 🎵 , i love Books & articles writing . health and fitness lover 👍 About me 💁 I love to create animation video . 👉 fashion designer & Nutrition student 🍏 Blogger , you tuber .

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